Concept 2 Clinic Inc (C2C) is an executive R&D management company specialized in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors targeting emerging companies and academic research projects bridging the gap between bench and clinic recognizing companies that lack the capacity and, or capability to develop their own infrastructure, small to midsize organizations alike.

With our extensive experience and ability to be flexible, creative and economical in today’s challenging environment, C2C is truly an enabler and well suited to support client’s efforts to advance discovery and innovation and be technically strong.  Success is in the strength of the strategy and execution.

Services Snapshot:

Financial CMC
Fundraising Vendor Selection, Audit, Management
Government Grant Application Timeline and Budget Accountability
Business Plan Formulation/Process Development/ Technology Transfer
Technical Accountability
Opportunity Assessment Regulatory / Quality
Market Analysis Regulatory Body Interactions
Due Diligence Document Preparation and Filing
Pre-Clinical Clinical
Toxicology Protocol design
Animal Modeling Site Selection, Audit, Management
Safety Pharmacology Monitoring
Project Management
Pre-clinical to Commercialization
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